What is Involved in a Criminal Justice Career?

Law enforcement covers many different professions and any of these can be accomplished by graduating from a criminal justice school. Each type of criminal justice career has different work environments and also specializations in certain areas. Here are some of the different careers under criminal justice. First is CIA or the Central Intelligence Agency. These agents help out in making decisions on foreign relations or national security that also includes illegal drugs and also nuclear weapons. Crime scene investigation or CSI is another branch. Crime scene investigators gather evidences on crime scenes. Crime scene investigators send these evidences to the laboratory for further evaluation and analyses then reports are made.

These investigators also testify in court and present the evidences. Criminologists study criminal behavior and laws. They also provide approaches on motivations and situations behind every crime. Detectives are non-uniform officers and responsible for investigations on certain cases. Detectives specialize in a particular field in law. Another is the FBI officers. They investigate on cases on federal law like robbery, terrorism, kidnapping and a lot. FBI also does surveillance and undercover duties. Paralegal are those who manage on information like drafting documents, conducting interviews and writes legal briefs. Paralegals work with lawyers and they rely on their reasoning abilities to effectively do their jobs. Private Investigators are also one of those careers under criminal justice. These private investigators are often hired in gathering a lot of information about a specific person by doing surveillances or monitoring.

These investigators gather pictures and videos as evidences on certain civil violations. Sheriffs are publicly elected officers that work in a place of jurisdiction. Their work is the same as that of a city police which includes investigations and also patrols. State police or also referred to as highway patrols are the statewide or traffic authorities. They hand out traffic tickets, arrest law breakers and gives assistant to those people injured during accidents. Uniformed Police Officers have the widest range of responsibilities. These officers monitor and control the roadways and help out civilians who are in need.

In having a criminal justice career, one must have an education from a criminal justice school. Criminal justice education is the first step in becoming either a police officer, CIA, FBI or whatever career you would want to choose. Each of these jobs has different skills and requirements required. Criminal justice schools offer a baccalaureate program. After finishing a criminal justice education, it is required for one to have a certification by the law enforcement agency.

Criminal justice salary is between $24,000 to $170,000 depending on the working experience and the position. A police officer may have a salary of $46,000 to $75,000. A judge may earn $135,000 to $170,000 a year. Judges must have a degree from an accredited law school. Paralegals work as the assistant of the lawyers and may earn $31,000 to $58,000 a year. Private investigators earn $24,000 to $55,000 a year. Since some private investigators are self-employed, they should work hard to keep their salaries rolling. If a person wants to have an increased salary, a college degree is a must and having a Master’s degree can help it boost more higher.

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