EMT Class Story

emtDo you like mysteries?  Do you want to hear about a murder? Well I’m an E.M.T. student in college,  and do I have a mystery for you.
There I was sitting in class my instructor was sitting at his desk giving us his boring lecture on trauma patient assessment, but then he breaks with the speech  and then turns to the class and says; I have a patient assessment for you, and he says let me tell you all a little story.

One night about 2:00am I was lying in my bed at the station. When all at once the alarm sounds, and we all get out of our beds to respond to the call. My partner and I are the ones assigned to the call. Dispatch tells us that there is an elderly woman who is suffering from chest pains, and her daughter and son-in-law are on scene.  We asked if there was any other information on the patient? Dispatch responds and tells us no, ten minutes later we arrive on scene.

We pulled up to a house that was very run down. This woman runs out the door toward us screaming and crying. We could not make sense of what she was saying, but my partner and i run into the house anyway, where we found the patient lying on the floor. The son-in-law was trying to perform CPR. Her pupils were enlarged and she had excessive drooling and no heart beat. We now had a load-an-go patient; we put her in the ambulance where our registered respiratory therapist worked hard to revive her while we were on route to the hospital.

The daughter came with us in the ambulance and she was sitting quite nervously on the bench. I noticed she seemed to draw a lot of attention to her hands. She looked as if she was trying to rub something off. She would also look down and hide her hands in her lap every time I looked at her. She seemed very nervous and paranoid. I continued giving the patient oxygen and chest compressions, but she was not recovering, she was to far gone to do anything else. The heart monitor flat lined.

We arrived at the hospital to late to do anything else. We asked the officer that was on scene where the son-in-law was? I don’t know! He said. I asked the daughter where her husband was. She said, I don’t know, he was on his way! We called dispatch to have an officer go back to the scene. It was now 3:30am and I had a really bad feeling, no good was going to come out of this.

Finally the officer calls us back and say’s you have another patient get back here now! We raced back to that same house only to find the officer looking at the dead body of the daughter’s husband. He had the same drooling and dilated pupils, the same as before, what could have happened to both these people I wondered. We called the hospital to check on the daughter, the nurse said; we have some bad news. What kind of bad news I said? The nurse replied; that young lady that came with you on the ambulance, she’s dead. I could not believe my ears, what happened! She fell out the forth story window.
To this day the instructor said, I will never know who the victim was, and who the murderer was. He looked up at all of us and said, do you still want to be an E.M.T?