More Schooling Passed my EMT Classes?

Being here at Community college have made several new friends, and even hang out with some old friends who live in my same neighborhood that I grew up with. At lunch today one of my friends mentioned some classes and programs that he was taking to get his radiology technician degree, and I noticed that several were similar to some classes I have to take my EMT certification.

I know that I can get a job within six months of taking my EMT course, and going after a radiology technician degree requires a bit more schooling and some more classes, however since they are both similar to each other and the fact that they are in the medical field, I was extremely shocked when he told me how much he thought he would be making with the graduated from school.

Being an EMT, I think I would be happy if my average yearly salary capped out at maybe $42,000 a year however, when I heard that he would be making close to 40,000 a year as soon as he graduated from college I started to rethink why I was in college and if I would really be happy as an EMT. We are both going to the same community college, and he will graduate about a year later than I will. When he graduates, he will be making good money right away and can make up to $66,000 per year if not more. I never thought that a radiology tech salary would be quite that good.

Now I hate to sound like someone who is going after a college degree strictly for the money, because that is not the kind of person I am. However, if I can go back to school for about another year and a half and add $20,000 per year on my annual salary working in a similar field, I don’t see any reason to think that I’m being selfish to go back to school for extra money.

So I guess what I’m saying is, that I will continue my EMT schooling and then go out and get a job as fast as I possibly can. And EMT schedule is extremely flexible and should give me ample time to go to night school or just take part-time classes until I can earn my degree as a radiology technician. Who knows though, I may be extremely happy with my job as an EMT and not even want to go back to school to learn anything else. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll even finish my EMT schooling and not be able to pass my final exam to be certified as an EMT. I guess only time will tell.

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