Money, The Motivation Behind getting a higher education?

As a college student, money is pretty much on my mind 24 hours a day seven days a week. In reality that is the main reason that I chose to further my education in hopes that I could earn a better living than my parents did. Eventually I plan to take my EMT training as far as I possibly can and become a registered nurse.

One of my mother’s friends has been a registered nurse for 13 years and earns an average annual salary of about $82,000 per year. My best friend Dave is attending DeVry University to earn an associate’s degree as a medical laboratory technician. I’m sure after he has completed his first two years and sees how much the salary can increase with a bachelor’s degree, am sure he will opt to attend school for further training.

I know his annual salary will be decent when he graduates from college, probably about $32,000 per year to start off. One of the reasons that he even started to attend Devry university is because his uncle works for the government as a lab technician. He has been doing it for about 18 years and he said his average lab technician salary is over $70,000 per year. $70,000 per year is enough motivation for me to do a job that I don’t even think I would like or enjoy doing.

Dave’s uncle told him that there is such a high demand for big a lab technician that they expect the average income for a technician to actually increase almost yearly because of demand. That’s the kind of job security that everyone should be looking for. In the medical field, you are almost guaranteed that you will always have a job. As long as people are getting sick and getting hurt there will be a need for EMTs, nurses and all kinds of different technicians. Pretty much any technician salary will be more than fair, even in today’s poor economy.

Take it from me, who has heard first-hand from my best friends local pursuing a technical career is definitely worth the time and effort that it takes to earn either a certificate or a degree. College courses are not all boring, hard and no fun. Many teachers and professors go out of their way to make learning a fun experience for all students involved. If you get the chance and thinking about going back to school, stop thinking about it and make it a reality.

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