Labratory Technician Requirements

The medical field is surely one of the fast growing industries of today. It offers a wide variety of exciting careers for everyone. More and more people are beginning to be interested in laboratory technician careers. In fact, one of the most sought after jobs today is to become a medical laboratory technician. A medical laboratory technician is someone who works in different facilities. They are trained to do a number of medical testing or experiments. They are also trained to write reports and analyze laboratory results. As easy as this job may sound, you have to know the important facts about being a medical laboratory technician first before you decide to take the plunge to become one.

If you want to be a medical laboratory technician, then you must not easily be nauseated. This job requires you to have a strong stomach for you will be dealing with all types of samples. You will be doing tests about urine, tissue samples and prep blood. In some fields, you will be analyzing and identifying parasites, bacteria and other microorganisms. It really depends on your employer and your field of specialization. You may also be called upon to analyze the chemical content of fluids or even blood transfusions. In any case, you must not be squeamish.

In order to be a medical laboratory technician, you must secure an associate degree. You need a high school diploma or a GED. Some employers will even require you to attain an associate’s degree in medical technology. This branch of the medical industry is beginning to be really competitive that is why an associate’s degree is considered to be a plus by your possible employers. Some of the programs included in getting the degree are chemistry, laboratory mathematics, microscopy, immunology, pathology and a lot more.

Even after you attained an associate’s degree, you will also need to get certified. The career requirements for certification actually vary from state to state. So you need to be prepared to pursue further studies to get the certification that you need. The advantage of getting certified is you will have an edge as compared to other applicants. Your job opportunities are also broader than others. If you get certified, employers will also pay you higher than usual. To make it easy for you to land a job, do some research on what is in demand in your city or state.

Being a good medical laboratory technician requires you to be precise and particular with detail. You have to remember that you are working on something that people’s lives depend on. So you have to be really keen as there is no room for error. You need to be fast, accurate and efficient in your assigned tasks. In the medical industry, a high demand or precision and accuracy is required from their employees and being a medical laboratory technician is not an exemption.

So with this knowledge in hand, think not only once but twice if you are indeed ready to indulge in laboratory technician careers. If you think that you can meet the standard for precision and accuracy, then this is indeed the career path for you. Take time to reflect on the things that are required from a medical laboratory technician. It is better to be 100 percent sure that you can do this job well before applying for it because in this job, people’s lives depend on you.

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