Entry Level Dental Assistants and Their Salary

If you want a secure job in the dental health department, then look no further as being a dental assistant may be the right job for you! Dental assistants are integral dental health care members because they make sure that everything in the office and the clinical area is perfect when a patient arrives. They can offer pretty decent oral hygiene advices for patients and can give patients the information they need without having to consult the dentist (note that the information is related to their specific field and cannot replace the actual presence of a dentist). When patients enter the dentist’s clinic, the first person they often encounter is the dental assistant. Dental assistants are the ones who create new patient profiles or keep track of old patient records for returning patients. They also help remind the dentist as well as the patient about impending appointments they need to keep.

Dental assistants guide patients to the dentist chair and keep the patient occupied when the dentist is still preparing for a procedure, such as New Rochelle Dental Implants. They make sure that the instruments needed for basic teeth cleaning are all present and accounted for. Some dental assistants who have had proper education and training can clean the teeth of a patient without the supervision of a dentist. Since they know their way around the dental equipments used, cleaning a patient’s teeth is easy for them to accomplish. When a patient who needs a complicated procedure arrives, the dental assistant is found supporting the dentist by anticipating the instruments as well as fillers to be used during the procedure. Indeed, one might think that the dental assistant deserves high praises since the job that they do requires so much attention to detail as well as empathy.

In order to become a dental assistant, you must enroll in a dental assistant training school. These schools need to be accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation as well as the American Dental Association as most states require you to graduate from accredited schools in order to qualify for their licensure exam. In school, you will have theoretical classes as well as clinical classes that incorporate everything you will experience in the clinical setting. It goes without saying that you must truly have a passion for learning everything related to science in order to become a dental assistant.

Once you graduate and pass the licensure exam, you need to find an employer that offers not only a good salary, but also gives generous benefits for an entry level dental assistant. Many institutions offer educational reimbursement for their employees if their employees sign a contract with them for a specific number of months or years. Salary is entirely dependent on the employer, but the amount of salary you receive depends on your level of education, experience and the trainings you’ve attended. The average salary that an entry level dental assistant receives is around $30,000 a year, but it can be higher or lower depending on the area you live in.

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