Cosmetology Schools for Nail Technicians

A nail technician works with the clients to keep their nails in good shape and beautiful. They work on either the toenails or fingernails. Nail technicians provide manicures and pedicures in different versions and styles. If these nail technicians are working in a higher end full service spa, they are expected to provide a more comprehensive treatment for their clients. They are anticipated by the clients by giving them a drink, provide a hand or foot massage and provide a spa experience that is unforgettable. In his kind of facility, the clients usually pay more and thus expect a more glamorous spa experience. The job in a higher facility may be a lot but this will definitely result in a greater pay. On the other hand, if a nail technician works in a hair or nail salon, the job is focused on the treatment alone. They provide the necessary treatments needed. Nail technicians get rid of the client’s old nail polish before leaning it and putting a new one. They must have a good personality since they engage in conversations with their customers that can eventually be helpful in keeping the business.

How can one become a nail technician? A lot of nail technician schools or cosmetology schools offer this kind of program. One has to make sure that the school they chose is accredited by the states board of cosmetology. This will make sure that the students are prepared to become licensed nail technicians and will be give the chance to legally practice their job. Nail technology schools requires there students to wear their simple uniforms and a smock gown that can give a professional salon atmosphere. Students are also required to buy a nail kit. The nail kit includes things like a hand and foot mannequin, powders and files. This nail kit cost a hundred buck or more, so it is best to buy a kit that is large. Some schools require nail technician textbooks and students must pay a registration fee before the classes begin.

The average nail technician salary is usually $10 an hour but the range of the salary differs significantly. The first major factor that plays a very important role in the salary that these nail technicians earn is experience. Nail technicians having more than ten years of experience may earn up to $25 an hour. The salary also depends on the location of the workplace and the type of facility. If one works in a high end spa then they are expected to earn more money. If they work in a standalone store then they earn less. The jobs in a high end spa are more competitive and needs a more working experience from their nail technicians. What is best with this kind of facility is that it offers a lot of benefits like paid vacations and medical coverage.

The biggest benefit that nail technicians can get is flexibility. A lot of salons offer both full time and part time positions and some are given the chance to make their own schedules. Nail technicians are given the opportunity to be free on creating a beautiful look on the nails making it as a beautiful work of art.

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