Labratory Technician Requirements

The medical field is surely one of the fast growing industries of today. It offers a wide variety of exciting careers for everyone. More and more people are beginning to be interested in laboratory technician careers. In fact, one of the most sought after jobs today is to become a medical laboratory technician. A medical laboratory technician is someone who works in different facilities. They are trained to do a number of medical testing or experiments. They are also trained to write reports and analyze laboratory results. As easy as this job may sound, you have to know the important facts about being a medical laboratory technician first before you decide to take the plunge to become one.

If you want to be a medical laboratory technician, then you must not easily be nauseated. This job requires you to have a strong stomach for you will be dealing with all types of samples. You will be doing tests about urine, tissue samples and prep blood. In some fields, you will be analyzing and identifying parasites, bacteria and other microorganisms. It really depends on your employer and your field of specialization. You may also be called upon to analyze the chemical content of fluids or even blood transfusions. In any case, you must not be squeamish.

In order to be a medical laboratory technician, you must secure an associate degree. You need a high school diploma or a GED. Some employers will even require you to attain an associate’s degree in medical technology. This branch of the medical industry is beginning to be really competitive that is why an associate’s degree is considered to be a plus by your possible employers. Some of the programs included in getting the degree are chemistry, laboratory mathematics, microscopy, immunology, pathology and a lot more.

Even after you attained an associate’s degree, you will also need to get certified. The career requirements for certification actually vary from state to state. So you need to be prepared to pursue further studies to get the certification that you need. The advantage of getting certified is you will have an edge as compared to other applicants. Your job opportunities are also broader than others. If you get certified, employers will also pay you higher than usual. To make it easy for you to land a job, do some research on what is in demand in your city or state.

Being a good medical laboratory technician requires you to be precise and particular with detail. You have to remember that you are working on something that people’s lives depend on. So you have to be really keen as there is no room for error. You need to be fast, accurate and efficient in your assigned tasks. In the medical industry, a high demand or precision and accuracy is required from their employees and being a medical laboratory technician is not an exemption.

So with this knowledge in hand, think not only once but twice if you are indeed ready to indulge in laboratory technician careers. If you think that you can meet the standard for precision and accuracy, then this is indeed the career path for you. Take time to reflect on the things that are required from a medical laboratory technician. It is better to be 100 percent sure that you can do this job well before applying for it because in this job, people’s lives depend on you.

Cosmetology Schools for Nail Technicians

A nail technician works with the clients to keep their nails in good shape and beautiful. They work on either the toenails or fingernails. Nail technicians provide manicures and pedicures in different versions and styles. If these nail technicians are working in a higher end full service spa, they are expected to provide a more comprehensive treatment for their clients. They are anticipated by the clients by giving them a drink, provide a hand or foot massage and provide a spa experience that is unforgettable. In his kind of facility, the clients usually pay more and thus expect a more glamorous spa experience. The job in a higher facility may be a lot but this will definitely result in a greater pay. On the other hand, if a nail technician works in a hair or nail salon, the job is focused on the treatment alone. They provide the necessary treatments needed. Nail technicians get rid of the client’s old nail polish before leaning it and putting a new one. They must have a good personality since they engage in conversations with their customers that can eventually be helpful in keeping the business.

How can one become a nail technician? A lot of nail technician schools or cosmetology schools offer this kind of program. One has to make sure that the school they chose is accredited by the states board of cosmetology. This will make sure that the students are prepared to become licensed nail technicians and will be give the chance to legally practice their job. Nail technology schools requires there students to wear their simple uniforms and a smock gown that can give a professional salon atmosphere. Students are also required to buy a nail kit. The nail kit includes things like a hand and foot mannequin, powders and files. This nail kit cost a hundred buck or more, so it is best to buy a kit that is large. Some schools require nail technician textbooks and students must pay a registration fee before the classes begin.

The average nail technician salary is usually $10 an hour but the range of the salary differs significantly. The first major factor that plays a very important role in the salary that these nail technicians earn is experience. Nail technicians having more than ten years of experience may earn up to $25 an hour. The salary also depends on the location of the workplace and the type of facility. If one works in a high end spa then they are expected to earn more money. If they work in a standalone store then they earn less. The jobs in a high end spa are more competitive and needs a more working experience from their nail technicians. What is best with this kind of facility is that it offers a lot of benefits like paid vacations and medical coverage.

The biggest benefit that nail technicians can get is flexibility. A lot of salons offer both full time and part time positions and some are given the chance to make their own schedules. Nail technicians are given the opportunity to be free on creating a beautiful look on the nails making it as a beautiful work of art.

What is Involved in a Criminal Justice Career?

Law enforcement covers many different professions and any of these can be accomplished by graduating from a criminal justice school. Each type of criminal justice career has different work environments and also specializations in certain areas. Here are some of the different careers under criminal justice. First is CIA or the Central Intelligence Agency. These agents help out in making decisions on foreign relations or national security that also includes illegal drugs and also nuclear weapons. Crime scene investigation or CSI is another branch. Crime scene investigators gather evidences on crime scenes. Crime scene investigators send these evidences to the laboratory for further evaluation and analyses then reports are made.

These investigators also testify in court and present the evidences. Criminologists study criminal behavior and laws. They also provide approaches on motivations and situations behind every crime. Detectives are non-uniform officers and responsible for investigations on certain cases. Detectives specialize in a particular field in law. Another is the FBI officers. They investigate on cases on federal law like robbery, terrorism, kidnapping and a lot. FBI also does surveillance and undercover duties. Paralegal are those who manage on information like drafting documents, conducting interviews and writes legal briefs. Paralegals work with lawyers and they rely on their reasoning abilities to effectively do their jobs. Private Investigators are also one of those careers under criminal justice. These private investigators are often hired in gathering a lot of information about a specific person by doing surveillances or monitoring.

These investigators gather pictures and videos as evidences on certain civil violations. Sheriffs are publicly elected officers that work in a place of jurisdiction. Their work is the same as that of a city police which includes investigations and also patrols. State police or also referred to as highway patrols are the statewide or traffic authorities. They hand out traffic tickets, arrest law breakers and gives assistant to those people injured during accidents. Uniformed Police Officers have the widest range of responsibilities. These officers monitor and control the roadways and help out civilians who are in need.

In having a criminal justice career, one must have an education from a criminal justice school. Criminal justice education is the first step in becoming either a police officer, CIA, FBI or whatever career you would want to choose. Each of these jobs has different skills and requirements required. Criminal justice schools offer a baccalaureate program. After finishing a criminal justice education, it is required for one to have a certification by the law enforcement agency.

Criminal justice salary is between $24,000 to $170,000 depending on the working experience and the position. A police officer may have a salary of $46,000 to $75,000. A judge may earn $135,000 to $170,000 a year. Judges must have a degree from an accredited law school. Paralegals work as the assistant of the lawyers and may earn $31,000 to $58,000 a year. Private investigators earn $24,000 to $55,000 a year. Since some private investigators are self-employed, they should work hard to keep their salaries rolling. If a person wants to have an increased salary, a college degree is a must and having a Master’s degree can help it boost more higher.

A Career in Phlebotomy

Phlebotomists are professionals that draw blood and transport it to the laboratory for processing. Mostly half of these jobs are in the hospitals. Being a phlebotomist is a basic technician position that requires knowledge and understanding on anatomy and physiology to locate the veins as well. Phlebotomist’s draws blood from patients or donors in the hospital, blood bank or any facility for either analysis or medical purposes. They will first assemble the equipments needed like tourniquets, needles, needle containers, blood collection devices, gauze, cotton, alcohol and work tray.

These requirements depend on different tests and procedures. Phlebotomist’s also verifies and records the identity of the patient or donor and talks to the patient, explaining everything to keep them more relaxed and comfortable. The phlebotomist then applies a tourniquet on the patient’s arm, locates the most accessible vein, disinfects the puncture site, and inserts the needle into the vein to draw blood into the collection tube. They will then withdraw the needle, apply treatment to the puncture site, labels and stores the blood container for processing.

 Phlebotomists generally work 5-days a week, 40 hours a week that includes weekends, night shifts and even holidays. Shift works are also required in the hospital. Other place of work includes outpatient laboratories and blood banks. This career requires a lot of walking and standing.

In becoming a phlebotomist, having a phlebotomist training and education is the first step to take. After completing the training program, the certification exam is another step in becoming certified phlebotomists. This exam is given by an accrediting body of the state like the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians. They offer a comprehensive exam that test on all areas of phlebotomy. This knowledge also includes areas on anatomy and physiology, the circulatory system and different tests and procedures. Hands on training are also an important asset after the certification that can be done in any hospitals and clinics. Depending on the State, certification may or may not be required. But having a certification is mostly recommended by health care employers. This will prove that one has taken up all the trainings before completing the process of having a certification.

The annual average phlebotomist salary can range around $24,000 to $40,000. The job outlook for phlebotomists is excellent. The job opportunities in this field are still expected to grow faster compared to other average occupations. Phlebotomists are in high demands and a lot of vacancies are still there that makes phlebotomy an excellent career to break into. The demand for these phlebotomists also increases as the advancements in the medical and laboratory field increases. Hospitals need phlebotomists and it is expected to grow faster in medical laboratories. The phlebotomist’s salary depends on the level of experiences, education, location of the employment and the geographic location. The salary also differs from one state to another. If one has supervisory positions for phlebotomists it starts around $35,000. The earnings of these phlebotomists vary like in physician offices, these phlebotomists earn $30,000. In medical laboratories they earn $30,000 and in Hospitals $32,000.

Entry Level Dental Assistants and Their Salary

If you want a secure job in the dental health department, then look no further as being a dental assistant may be the right job for you! Dental assistants are integral dental health care members because they make sure that everything in the office and the clinical area is perfect when a patient arrives. They can offer pretty decent oral hygiene advices for patients and can give patients the information they need without having to consult the dentist (note that the information is related to their specific field and cannot replace the actual presence of a dentist). When patients enter the dentist’s clinic, the first person they often encounter is the dental assistant. Dental assistants are the ones who create new patient profiles or keep track of old patient records for returning patients. They also help remind the dentist as well as the patient about impending appointments they need to keep.

Dental assistants guide patients to the dentist chair and keep the patient occupied when the dentist is still preparing for a procedure, such as New Rochelle Dental Implants. They make sure that the instruments needed for basic teeth cleaning are all present and accounted for. Some dental assistants who have had proper education and training can clean the teeth of a patient without the supervision of a dentist. Since they know their way around the dental equipments used, cleaning a patient’s teeth is easy for them to accomplish. When a patient who needs a complicated procedure arrives, the dental assistant is found supporting the dentist by anticipating the instruments as well as fillers to be used during the procedure. Indeed, one might think that the dental assistant deserves high praises since the job that they do requires so much attention to detail as well as empathy.

In order to become a dental assistant, you must enroll in a dental assistant training school. These schools need to be accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation as well as the American Dental Association as most states require you to graduate from accredited schools in order to qualify for their licensure exam. In school, you will have theoretical classes as well as clinical classes that incorporate everything you will experience in the clinical setting. It goes without saying that you must truly have a passion for learning everything related to science in order to become a dental assistant.

Once you graduate and pass the licensure exam, you need to find an employer that offers not only a good salary, but also gives generous benefits for an entry level dental assistant. Many institutions offer educational reimbursement for their employees if their employees sign a contract with them for a specific number of months or years. Salary is entirely dependent on the employer, but the amount of salary you receive depends on your level of education, experience and the trainings you’ve attended. The average salary that an entry level dental assistant receives is around $30,000 a year, but it can be higher or lower depending on the area you live in.

Why go for a Career in Criminal Justice

The world is built upon a social law that ensures that everyone has the right to be safe from harm and that due justice is served on those that break the balance of peace and prosperity. The people who want to serve their countrymen often want to enter a career in criminal justice. A career in criminal justice encompasses a lot of fields and specialties. With society having more specific roles to fill, the fields of criminal justice has expanded to match society’s need for order amid chaos and confusion. Pursuing a career in criminal justice is no walk in the park. Everyday, one has to constantly learn how to deal with the stresses and challenges of protecting people and the results aren’t always that good for either side. Despite the obvious dangers waiting for most careers, many people still want to pursue their dreams in criminal justice careers. Whether it’s a strong affinity for justice, or an unwavering sense of morality, people in the field of criminal justice are obviously everyday heroes who work for the people’s safety and security.

A career in criminal justice can reap substantial rewards for a person. The most obvious being a very handsome salary along with a good medical and dental plan. There are also times when the rewards are not always tangible- like a sense of accomplishment or learning to value the meaning of life. Peace in society is not always maintained by the people who live in it, but it is often maintained by the people who work hard to ensure that everyone sleeps soundly in their beds at night.

Those who want to pursue a career in criminal justice have a choice to make a lasting impact on society by entering dangerous jobs, but even those maintaining clerical positions do important tasks to maintain the balance as well.

There are many skills that one has to have in order to pursue a career in criminal justice. The most important is probably having a quick mind. Critical thinking is a skill that is honed with time and experience, but for those who want to excel in their respective careers, critical thinking must be something they have to have in their personal arsenal. The next skill is in communication. A lot of misunderstandings can be fixed with good communication, but some smooth talkers can really convince hardened criminals to drop their defenses long enough for someone to take action. Lastly, a person must have a strong sense of justice. Unwavering morality is not something that everyone can practice, especially when there are a lot of expensive bribes pending at your door. Those who have a strong moral compass are often placed in dangerous positions during jobs, but they are also the ones who ensure that society functions safely.

There are a lot of schools offering criminal justice careers to choose from and while getting a good education is important, once you graduate, your trainings and seminars can only take you so far. In the end, you need to make life and death decisions by yourself.

The Pros and Cons of Dialysis Technician Schools

If you want a career in healthcare that doesn’t involve odd hours, affords you with a moderate amount of clinical freedom and combines your love for all things technical, then a dialysis technician’s job is exactly what you’re looking for. Dialysis technician have a promising career ahead of them. In America alone, there are over 20 million people who suffer from kidney disease and require dialysis technicians to work with them. Not all people who suffer from kidney problems need dialysis, but only those with chronic renal insufficiency need dialysis. In a normal person, the kidney functions as a filter for excess toxins and fluid in the body. People who suffer from chronic kidney disease need the help of a machine to filter out these toxins from the body. Dialysis technicians can work in clinics, hospitals and private owned dialysis clinics, but it goes without saying that they earn a lot more in hospitals.

For a dialysis technician, the day begins by admitting a patient who is scheduled for dialysis on that day. In dialysis, time is everything and a dialysis technician cannot afford to be late for a schedule or the patient will start to suffer. They assess the patient’s initial vital signs and obtain his baseline weight. Then they prepare the patient for the procedure, answering any questions the patient might have about the entire process.

Interested applicants for the dialysis technician job must have a high school diploma or equivalent. It doesn’t hurt if the applicant has a strong background in mathematics and science as the course does involve a lot of calculations and critical thinking abilities. Memory is important in the course as well as there are a lot of medical terminologies and facts about the equipments and medications used in the hospital or workplace setting. The subjects covered in school will also involve anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and possibly pathophysiology.

You can become a dialysis technician by enrolling in dialysis technician schools that have state approved programs. A program can last for a few weeks to months which include classroom work and clinical experience. The fastest way to becoming a technician is by earning a certificate, but you’ll soon find that employers are always looking for graduates with a higher degree in education. Studying for two years gets you an associate’s degree. Either path you choose earns you the title of a dialysis technician.

There are community colleges, technical schools and online colleges to study in. Some hospitals even offer training for regular people who want to become dialysis technicians. You can sort out where you want to learn as there are pros and cons of each school. The biggest advantage of colleges and technical school is that you are able to learn the basics before being exposed in the actual setting, but the programs are often long. In online schools, you can sort out your time, but miss out on actual human interaction. As for training in hospitals, you might become overwhelmed by diving into the action immediately, but this works great for those who learn visually.

Getting a Registered Nursing Degree

Who ever said being a nurse and having a registered nursing degree is easy? You have to think on your feet and make quick, important decisions about a patient’s needs. It is by far the most challenging job. But if you’re thinking of a career, being a registered nurse is perfect for you. It is a fast growing profession with lots of choices and opportunities. Do you believe in having a healthy lifestyle? Being a registered nurse gives you the chance to encourage people to live healthily as well. You will have the opportunity to inspire teenagers to stay away from alcohol and drugs. Teenagers and young adults these days need a lot of attention. They need guidance from someone who will understand them and someone that they can talk to.

If you’re looking for a little adrenaline rush in your life, working as a nurse in the emergency room gives you more than enough excitement that you would ever want. When people come in through those double doors, they need you to help them fast. And when you are able to assist them and make them feel better, nothing can be more satisfying than that. Are you interested about health issues? Be a registered nurse and you will find the answers to your questions. You could be the head of a research team in your hospital. Help save lives by finding solutions and cures for many health disorders and problems.

Do you want to do something rewarding for the rest of your life? Be a registered nurse and help people in rehabilitation centers. These patients need the extra care and attention because they are the ones who usually refuse them. They are depressed, worried and angry about their future. They need you to help them get through it and have a positive outlook in life. It is indeed rewarding to help someone change to be a better and healthier person. Be a registered nurse if you want a job that will allow you to make independent and important decisions. Moreover, deal with people and help them with whatever pain or suffering they are going through.

Get your registered nursing degree and be the heart of care. You can make a big difference in a person’s life through caring and helping them. You can save lives by just doing your research and living a life of good example. This is actually the best time to enter this career as there is a shortage. People will always need the service of a nurse. And since some nurses are getting old too, this career needs young and intelligent individuals to choose this career. The opportunities for registered nurses continue to grow with the changes in the health care system. Most of the services focus on health promotion and illnesses prevention are staffed by nurses. And as these programs continue to grow, the need for more registered nurses rises. They also earn competitively high salaries compared to other professions. The only downside of this job is the working hours. Since health care is needed 24 hours a day, you can expect to work during nights and weekends as any other job that provides essential services.

Money, The Motivation Behind getting a higher education?

As a college student, money is pretty much on my mind 24 hours a day seven days a week. In reality that is the main reason that I chose to further my education in hopes that I could earn a better living than my parents did. Eventually I plan to take my EMT training as far as I possibly can and become a registered nurse.

One of my mother’s friends has been a registered nurse for 13 years and earns an average annual salary of about $82,000 per year. My best friend Dave is attending DeVry University to earn an associate’s degree as a medical laboratory technician. I’m sure after he has completed his first two years and sees how much the salary can increase with a bachelor’s degree, am sure he will opt to attend school for further training.

I know his annual salary will be decent when he graduates from college, probably about $32,000 per year to start off. One of the reasons that he even started to attend Devry university is because his uncle works for the government as a lab technician. He has been doing it for about 18 years and he said his average lab technician salary is over $70,000 per year. $70,000 per year is enough motivation for me to do a job that I don’t even think I would like or enjoy doing.

Dave’s uncle told him that there is such a high demand for big a lab technician that they expect the average income for a technician to actually increase almost yearly because of demand. That’s the kind of job security that everyone should be looking for. In the medical field, you are almost guaranteed that you will always have a job. As long as people are getting sick and getting hurt there will be a need for EMTs, nurses and all kinds of different technicians. Pretty much any technician salary will be more than fair, even in today’s poor economy.

Take it from me, who has heard first-hand from my best friends local pursuing a technical career is definitely worth the time and effort that it takes to earn either a certificate or a degree. College courses are not all boring, hard and no fun. Many teachers and professors go out of their way to make learning a fun experience for all students involved. If you get the chance and thinking about going back to school, stop thinking about it and make it a reality.

More Schooling Passed my EMT Classes?

Being here at Community college have made several new friends, and even hang out with some old friends who live in my same neighborhood that I grew up with. At lunch today one of my friends mentioned some classes and programs that he was taking to get his radiology technician degree, and I noticed that several were similar to some classes I have to take my EMT certification.

I know that I can get a job within six months of taking my EMT course, and going after a radiology technician degree requires a bit more schooling and some more classes, however since they are both similar to each other and the fact that they are in the medical field, I was extremely shocked when he told me how much he thought he would be making with the graduated from school.

Being an EMT, I think I would be happy if my average yearly salary capped out at maybe $42,000 a year however, when I heard that he would be making close to 40,000 a year as soon as he graduated from college I started to rethink why I was in college and if I would really be happy as an EMT. We are both going to the same community college, and he will graduate about a year later than I will. When he graduates, he will be making good money right away and can make up to $66,000 per year if not more. I never thought that a radiology tech salary would be quite that good.

Now I hate to sound like someone who is going after a college degree strictly for the money, because that is not the kind of person I am. However, if I can go back to school for about another year and a half and add $20,000 per year on my annual salary working in a similar field, I don’t see any reason to think that I’m being selfish to go back to school for extra money.

So I guess what I’m saying is, that I will continue my EMT schooling and then go out and get a job as fast as I possibly can. And EMT schedule is extremely flexible and should give me ample time to go to night school or just take part-time classes until I can earn my degree as a radiology technician. Who knows though, I may be extremely happy with my job as an EMT and not even want to go back to school to learn anything else. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll even finish my EMT schooling and not be able to pass my final exam to be certified as an EMT. I guess only time will tell.